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These manta rays form ‘friendships’ that last longer than a summer fling
7 HRS AGO - A new study gives the first ever glimpse inside wild manta social structure
This very good grandson is road-tripping with his grandma to all the national parks
16 HRS AGO - With the help of her grandson, Grandma Joy is camping and seeing the mountains on their quest to Expand
What is a kinkajou and why is it in my house?
20 HRS AGO - The tropical rainforest mammals have made a few surprise appearances in the U.S. recently.
Climate facts subject to rules on partisan advertising in Canada
1 DAY AGO - Announcement from election watchdog rattles charities that support climate action
My younger sister died by suicide. Can science succeed in helping others?
1 DAY AGO - A Science special package explores how researchers are tackling this devastating public health Expand
Should you wash your chicken?
1 DAY AGO - Julia Child and food safety experts disagree on whether you should wash raw chicken before cooking Expand
Century-old salmon-smeared notebooks reveal past bounty of fisheries
2 DAYS AGO - DNA analysis of scales stuck to page suggest wild sockeye declines in Canada have been larger than Expand
The Amazon is burning, and here's why it's not just Brazil's problem
13 HRS AGO - The Amazon rainforest fires have been burning for 3 weeks, and some are wondering why Brazil's Expand
Cryptographers scramble to protect the internet from hackers with quantum computers
18 HRS AGO - Such machines may be decades away, but the United States is pushing now for encryption method that Expand
Is it autism? The line is getting increasingly blurry
20 HRS AGO - If the current trend in diagnostic practices holds, the definition of autism may get too blurry to Expand
The benefits of quitting smoking and 5 natural ways to kick the habit
23 HRS AGO - It's tough, but not impossible, to quit smoking. Here are some natural ways to put your Expand
How to know if you have insomnia
1 DAY AGO - There are lots of causes for sleepless nights, but it helps to know if it's insomnia or not. Expand
16 images that will make you feel 'as free as a bird'
1 DAY AGO - See the winners of 2019's Bird Photographer of the Year, a global photographic competition Expand
Humans migrated to Mongolia much earlier than previously believed: Archaeologists unearth stone tools made 45,000 years ago
1 DAY AGO - Stone tools uncovered in Mongolia by an international team of archaeologists indicate that modern Expand
Brain-training games may work, or they may not
1 DAY AGO - In case you want to give brain-training games a shot, here are 4 to try.
Biochemists discover new insights into what may go awry in brains of Alzheimer's patients
2 DAYS AGO - Three decades of research on Alzheimer's disease have not produced major treatment advances for Expand
Climate change is making spiders mean
14 HRS AGO - New research finds mean spiders know what it takes to survive extreme weather.
The legend of Skeleton Lake just got weirder
19 HRS AGO - In 850 A.D., those gathered around a glacial lake perished from one of nature's most deadly Expand
What is a ketogenic diet?
20 HRS AGO - Not everyone is a fan of low-carb, high-fat keto diets that put your body into a metabolic state Expand
Suicide attempts are hard to anticipate. A study that tracks teens’ cellphone use aims to change that
23 HRS AGO - Researchers hope mobile devices can capture signs of imminent risk that a doctor’s questionnaire Expand
Photos of theater-loving service dogs go viral
1 DAY AGO - These photos of service dogs went viral after part of their training took place at a play at the Expand
Brain scans could help personalize treatment for people who are depressed or suicidal
1 DAY AGO - A Stanford neuroscientist tries to identify depression subtypes and tailor care
New addiction research center receives trove of molecules from embattled opioidmaker
1 DAY AGO - Purdue Pharma will share drug candidates and blood samples with Oklahoma State University, the Expand
Proposal to mine near Okefenokee Swamp raises old fears
1 DAY AGO - Environmental advocates worry that proposed titanium mining could permanently impact the Expand
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